The Turning Point

The Turning Point is a coaching program for high achieving women who are ready to put themselves first. This program provides the education, accountability, and leadership development you need to finally achieve your goals.
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110 hours in total

Text material

382 pages


24 challenges


3 Certificates

How It Works

Time to reflect on the lessons life has taught us!
Take a step back and analyze your life, business, and relationships to understand how they’ve shaped you until now. What have you learned from past experiences?
What strengths and weaknesses have you discovered about yourself?
How do these traits affect the way you interact with others? 
Learning from our lives can be difficult but is incredibly important for personal growth. Look at any areas that have caused pain or suffering, then extract the lessons gained and move on from them. You will come out of it with more wisdom and understanding. Doing this will allow you to make informed decisions in the future, rather than repeating mistakes of the past.

Course Lessons

I'm glad I can still learn through this online platform. It offers both video and audio options. It's nice being able to see the explanation in video format.
— Laxmi
School is going well and I am learning a lot. We have regular teachers who teach us well. I like the e-learning program because there are questions and detailed explanations.
— Farhana
Without going to school, I would have no job in the future. If I didn't go to school, I'd have to work on my parents' farm. In the future, I hope to become a teacher. 
— Advik

Created by

Anika Wilson

Business Consultant
Anika is an I/O Practitioner and a corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience in human services and behavior-based performance.
Her approach to training and development will leave you eager to dive deeper into emotional and cultural intelligence to performance improvement embracing change. 

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