Inner Circle

Women shouldn't have to choose between their career, family and faith - they should be able to do it all!

The Inner Circle understands this, and it's why we strive to bring women from all kinds of business backgrounds together so that they can support and lift each other up.

Here women can learn from each other in an inclusive but focused network and eventually achieve more than what was thought possible. Whether you're an entrepreneur, the CEO of your venture, or want to start in business by planting the seeds of success - women of the Inner Circle will help you tackle it all in one go! Let's take charge and take control as high-achieving women because together, we have the unstoppable power to scale the business world while also aiding society around us. Join us in the Inner Circle today!
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Build your learning path and engage content that interests you most by selecting the programs and courses that suit your needs and your busy schedule. 

Material you will love

Monthly webinars, groups, downloads,  interactive ebooks, self-assessment, courses and much more.

Expert instructors

Our instructors are members of the alliance, sharing their gifts and talents to help you elevate your leadership potential. 

Set and achieve goals

Gain support, mentorship, and encouragement as a leading women in your industry. Set goals and achieve them here at IWN.


Our mentorship program is offered to members seeking support and guidance through business and leadership. Our cohorts are offered twice annually. Register today for our next cohort,

Many payment options

Lots of program & payment options! 

Support Groups

Our groups help women heal, deal and grow as leaders surrounded by like-minded women. 


Our podcast features members expertise and experiences to encourage and inspire other leaders to remain diligent in accomplishing their goals.

Learning Academy

Our Leadership Institute features courses, downloads, webinars, and summits to help diverse leaders grow!


Our webinars are offered for leaders, business owners and social activists to elevate your skills, network and career. 

Resource Hub

Our resource hub features leadership and business development tools and resources for women in leadership.

Summits and Collaborations

We believe in the power of education and collaboration. We offer summits and referral networks for members.
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I'm glad I can still learn through this online platform. It offers both video and audio options. It's nice being able to see the explanation in video format.
— Laxmi
School is going well and I am learning a lot. We have regular teachers who teach us well. I like the e-learning program because there are questions and detailed explanations.
— Farhana
Without going to school, I would have no job in the future. If I didn't go to school, I'd have to work on my parents' farm. In the future, I hope to become a teacher. 
— Advik
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